Make Your Own Hoop Coop

1) Make a henhouse, whatever, they’re chickens, picky, but they don’t complain. Here’s mine, left over from an earlier experiment (click to enlarge):

The Henhouse

2) Make the coop. Wood, PVC tubes (1 inch- I painted mine, camo! I used 3′ pieces of rebar, drove them half-way into ground, put PVC over them), some wire, and twist-ties:
The coop

Front View: I highly recommend a door. You’ll note the lovely “paneled” effect on either side of the door (some left-over fence boards) and beer rail, a ¬†special touch:

 Front elevation

¬†Another view, with detail of ridge; just a 2×4:

Ridge and door detail

Back end at ridge. If you’ve got a fence like I do, it makes a handy back wall, a real time-saver- otherwise, you will need to brace your end walls for stability. Look at some hoop house designs for plant-growing, you’ll see a lot of ways it can be done:

Rear detail

“Fox-proof” corner detail- got to get this just right, very complicated, highly engineered:

The corner

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